UK, also known as Carlos Hernandez at home, was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1985. Since young age, he’s always had a passion for traveling and the visual arts. He was also surrounded by a Queens culture, pageant ones tho, giving him an appreciation for couture since a kid.

Even tho he has a Mechanical Engineer degree, he decided to focus his life through the lens of his camera. Still, geometry is a strong feature in most of his frames and compositions, there is always a graphic background in every image.

Many cities he’s lived and traveled to have opened his mind to culture and points of view such as Paris, LA, Miami, Panama, Madrid, Porto and New York City, being the last one where he is currently based.

UK is also passionate for universal history, and the luxury of royalty, he ended up creating a world of his own he calls The Concrete Empire, where his models are portrayed as Kings and Queens, with touches of Mythology which is also a field he loves.

He’s been published in a number of magazines since he started around the world, being some of them Wilhelm, OUT, Glassbook, Elegant, Kool Korea, 7Hues, The Model Mag, Basic, Lucy’s, Caras from Televisa Group, Ocean Drive, Ellas, Mia, AUNO, Mundo Social, Facetas and more

The best way to keep up with his editorials is through his instagram.com/ukmaracaibo